About Us

1 Plastic Life is a new non profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt public benefit organization.  ​

 ​Our mission is to help reduce plastic pollution in low income communities of Los Angeles. We are  building the PRECIOUS PLASTIC machines by Dave Hakkens witch will help us even more in our fight against plastic pollution.

 1 Plastic Life is in the process of becoming a certified Community Service Recycling Program which will provide opportunities to make a difference in helping to improve the environment and quality of life of the residents of low income communities in Los Angeles.  Our organization represents an exciting venture with unlimited possibilities. Here are some of our key goals: 


          ● Communicate the importance/value of recycling plastic in Los Angeles  

          ● Provide more/easier opportunities to recycle plastic through designated containers in multiple  

             locations throughout low income communities in Los Angeles. 

          ● Create jobs for people not able to return to a mainstream work environment

          ● Provide an opportunity for people who are required to complete community service to turn in 

             recyclable plastic 


Get Involved & Be Part of the Difference


It is our goal to partner with as many schools, businesses, and organizations in Los Angeles. By working together with like minded people we can significantly reduce the plastic pollution in our community. One of the steps we look forward to during this process is getting the opportunity to meet with you or one of your  representative from your organization. Together we can win the fight against plastic pollution.

 1 Plastic Life bins are placed in designated locations to encourage recycling. The more partners we have the more bins that are put out and the higher the likelihood for people to utilize them. Doing this can help create a brighter and healthier future for everyone, especially help those who might need assistance or are underprivileged.



Volunteers are always welcomed to get involved. We are constantly seeking individuals that are   environmentally conscious, want to get proactive in the community, and are looking to help be the difference in our local recycling movement. So don't be afraid to lend a helping a hand to your neighbors and the world. 

Our Partners